I am an Officiant, musician, DJ, producer, singer, piano player and promoter. I do lots of things bc they are all tied together. I try to get in your head a different way. I want you to love a song you used to hate. Right now you can find me working as a DJ for: STK San Diego, CalibreDJs in San Francisco, Style Matters in Chicago, and on my own as Diskokitty. I also am now working with Rhythm Nation San Diego as a promoter, and am bringing events and DJ’s to the SoCal area that define our sound. We like to create an ambiance that matches out deep beat that we bring to the west cost.

I currently am writing and remixing my own tracks and DJ for special events utilizing and spanning a multitude of genres. This is the main page where I put my mixes from some of those events. Some noteworthy events are atop the Chase float at the Pride Parade with 1.1 million in attendance, several Burning Mans, Nasty Women Art Show fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, House of Blues, and I was invited by VH1 to try out for Master of the Mix. I can list a multitude of famous DJ’s that I have opened/closed or provided support for, ranging from the drum and bass scene to the Chicago House scene, but everyone does that. See PHOTOS section for some old flyers to provide evidence of who I’ve performed with and for.

The best way to describe my style is funky. First and foremost I play a break. My goal is to mash beats, break them, find what’s familiar and blend and twist it with what is unfamiliar, add a little latin soul and boom! I’m making music. I am a junglist…..and a house DJ…..and I love to experiment with sounds and genres. I also work as an open format DJ. I DJ weddings and special events, as well. I have Djed at some of the swankiest places in Chicago like our Planetarium, the Art Institutue, The Museum of Natural History, The Museum of Contemporary Art, the Brookfield Zoo, the Intercontinental, Radisson Blue, the Drake, atop the Hancock tower….no wedding is too fancy or outrageous in musical taste. My main influences and currently favorite folders are: Hip Hop Originals, Latin Funk, Motown, Breakbeats, Funk and Soul.

You can call my mixes mood mixes, or party jams. They all tell stories. None of them hold one genre.